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[10 May 2006|02:39pm]

I'm new. This community seems pretty righteous. Here is my latest asshole story:
I met this coke-fiend the other day at a friends house. Our town is dry right now, so he was having withdrawl. I told him I had a little bit of coke left and that he could have it. He got really excited. I went to my car, got a can of Coca-Cola, walked back into the house and threw it at his head. He cried a bit, then I snorted a line in front of him that I had in my bag. It was a nice day. And, for some reason, that guy is still nioce to me...
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[08 Apr 2004|07:35pm]

[ mood | envious ]

im new...so uhh hey?

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[10 Mar 2004|09:03pm]

I was walking around downtown with my friends one day. I noticed a bum sitting off to the side of the sidewalk. As I started to pass him, I felt my boot connect with something. It was his change can, he had had it out in front of him. I paused for a second then went back to walking, catching up with my friends who hadn't noticed. I looked back to see the bum scrambling around the crowded sidewalk for his change.
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[07 Nov 2003|04:41am]

aight kids...
its that time again, your monthly reminder to CHECK OUT DAIQUIRI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...still not convinced? LISTEN still not convinced?! come see them open for MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE and TUB RING on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 26, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois at the the METRO. Daiquiri is back in the states baby!!!! please join us in our community boxofficepoison

we'll see you there...

also... check out another AMAZING BAND *this is a change of pace from DAIQUIRI but they are truly amazing. ODDZAR Some good ole rock music straight outta Columbia, Maryland.

also please check out these great bands as well... DOG FASHION DISCO ,ESCAPE FROM EARTH, and SWITCHEE

if you like this... please give me additional feedback at The Board for the Bored

Thank you for your time. Sorry for any cross posting. Please take a few minutes of your time and give love to these great bands. Thanks.
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[15 Oct 2003|04:18pm]

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daiquiri [07 Sep 2003|02:02am]

Hey peoples!

I thought I would share an AMAZING band that you all might like... and since MSI is an interest listed... this is something right up all our alleys.

Daiquiri is a band from Canada. They are a two piece... and very electronic, however not always was the case. At one time, they were a four piece band, but members had left to pursue greater things...

please give them a minute... www.daiuiri.tvheaven.com
OLD mp3s from Third World Budget http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/296/daiquiri.html

Their new cd Box office Poison is truly pure genious... for cd reviews please check out www.worstrules.com *go to rules* or www.domaincleveland.com *cd reviews*

And if you are feeling nice please join boxofficepoison

Thank you!!!
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[11 Nov 2002|01:09am]

Hello everyone,
I'm new.. *waves*
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[27 Oct 2002|12:09pm]

me: get this
me: i was walking around my hall last night
bry: ha
me: with a sock in my pant
me: s
me: tight pants
bry: omg
bry: omg
bry: ha
me: and my friend was like
me: hey!
me: check out this guy
me: he's HUGE!
me: and i was getting all embarassed sayin
me: that he had been makin fun of me all night
me: because i dont usually wear tight pants
me: and this one girl
me: was ridiculously into it
me: such the size queen
bry: haha
bry: an 30 mins later she swallowed?
me: naw
me: but she was following me around
me: not being able to take her eyes of it
me: it was fucking spectacular
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[21 Oct 2002|10:04am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

i'm really jealous of my friend and her boyfriend because they always think of the best games. one weekend they found an old coonskin type daniel boone hat thing, so what did they decide to do?

tie a fishing line to it, stretch the line across the street and hide in the bushes, and when a car comes pull the string really fast so the hat shoots across the street and the car thinks it was like a cat or something. one day they're going to get someone killed.

also dragging a big branch in the road and covering it in vaseline is really funny. people get the most hilarious expressions on their faces when they go to drag the branch away.

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[21 Oct 2002|08:22am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

over the summer, this girl who was like...my best friend started going out with my other friend's ex boyfriend. this bothered me quite a bit because fr one, he was an ass, and for two, she was being really public and creepy about it to the point where my friend who USED to date the guy was really bothered. that was so uninportant.


the point was, my friend decided to CALL ME UP AND TELL ME that after knowing this guy for aproximately 5 entire days, she had unprotected sex with him. she seemed quite proud of herself, but warned me not to tell anyone.

so i went into her journal, hijacked it by changing the email and password, and exposed her sex life on the internet. i think the funniest part was when she caled me and left me voice mail messages crying about my betrayal. hahahaha.

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[20 Oct 2002|11:09pm]

about two years ago i was in the stop and shop down the street.
i was waiting in line, to get my purchases rung up, when I noticed this poor old man, with crutches, trying to push a cart.
it went something like.

hop on crutches,
push cart with chest.
hop further on crutches.
push cart with chest again.

while it was sad, i found it amusing that NOONE in the place stopped to help the guy. even after he dropped his plastic bag!!!
everyone sort of just looked, and walked by...

until IIII came to the rescue and helped him out...cause im a champ.

and ithink maybe this story belongs in another community?
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[20 Oct 2002|04:33pm]

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[18 Oct 2002|04:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I work for a cab company as a dispatcher, and I also work the phones.

A guy called me up the other day:

Guy: "I was just calling to see how my cabs coming."
Me: "Well it's a car so I'd assume it's coming on the street."

I amuse myself by the saying the things no one else will.

(BW)Spider @ 04:06

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[18 Oct 2002|12:08am]

I'm leaving my Jap Civ discussion today from the seventh floor. There are at least eight of us in this decent-sized elevator. We're going down and the thing stops at the second floor. Who's waiting?

A guy in a wheelchair.

Sure, one or two of us could get out and make room, but what happens? We look at one another and let the doors close. As soon as they close, everyone busts out laughing. These people aren't just kids either. There was a woman in the class that has children. It was SO bad. Some kid made a comment about it being like an SNL skit.

Then he followed it with, "BIG GULPS, HUH?!"
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