Faye Faye the Deeity (missdeeisgreen) wrote in anti_virgin,
Faye Faye the Deeity


Hey peoples!

I thought I would share an AMAZING band that you all might like... and since MSI is an interest listed... this is something right up all our alleys.

Daiquiri is a band from Canada. They are a two piece... and very electronic, however not always was the case. At one time, they were a four piece band, but members had left to pursue greater things...

please give them a minute... www.daiuiri.tvheaven.com
OLD mp3s from Third World Budget http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/296/daiquiri.html

Their new cd Box office Poison is truly pure genious... for cd reviews please check out www.worstrules.com *go to rules* or www.domaincleveland.com *cd reviews*

And if you are feeling nice please join boxofficepoison

Thank you!!!
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