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anti_virgin's Journal

Pistachio Nuts
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Be a Dick

This is a community for all of those who want to share their stories about being an all-around asshole to their fellow man and doing fucked up shit. Whatever the fuck that means to you, go with it.

Did you:
  • ...fuck over a guy/girl?
  • ...taunt the homeless with your Mickey D's breakfast?
  • ...tell your family that your brother has VDs?

    Just fucking entertain me.

    the rules
    1. I don't care what you do.
    2. I will kick out anyone I want.
    3. If you're offended by something, say so. (expect to be called a pussy)

    Thanks, underthesestars for coming up with a name.
  • angry drunks, being a dick, cky, cky2k, cky3, dumping water, fucking shit up, jackass, mindless self indulgence, slapping, smoking trees, spitting, tardkeeper, tardkeeping, the english measurement system, throwing things, video games